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TEAM T&J are a fresh dose of Active and Uplifting Family Entertainment for all ages.  They create an environment where kids can explore and express their imaginations through the excitement and freedom of live music interaction.

TEAM T&J focus on diversity and unification.  We are all equal but not the same, yet each of us is unique.  A team encourages their players to be true to who they are in order for the team as a whole to be their best.  Their interactive music promotes an active lifestyle and demonstrates the essence of teamwork.  They like to have fun with their audiences by inspiring everyone to be true to who they are, believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.

Check out BOTH TEAM T & J Shows!  

  • TEAM T&J‘s Kids Jumpin’ Jamboree take interactive music and entertainment to incredible heights with a high-energy, super-powered concert for kids and families. This live experience is an uplifting journey of self-exploration, creativity and participation that encourages kids to jump on in!

  • No Harm on the Farm is an interactive fun show based on Farm safety - Hazards, Machines, Animal, Chemical and Fire Safety with safe experiments and challenges for all of the kids. 

TEAM (definition) - A group of people who come together to achieve a common goal.

T - Togetherness

E - Engaging

A - Active

M - Memorable

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