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Buildings and Rental Pricing / Fees

1) Each event held on the fairgrounds is required to have liability insurance. Groups may provide their own insurance naming the fairgrounds as an additional insured.


2) Additional charges for use of electricity, gas, garbage, equipment, and labor may apply!

Pearson Memorial Hall

The Pearson Memorial Center is known as our main building on the fairgrounds.  The size of this hall is approximately 140 x 120, and is home to many events throughout the year. This building has two sets of bathrooms located inside, a large garage door, bar, kitchen, and a sound system. Events that are usually held in this building are wedding receptions, conventions, flea markets, garage sales, and more. Inside of this building is the social room that can also be rented out for meetings, luncheons, family reunions, and more.

Pearson Memorial Center Event                                       Public $600                           Non-Profit: $340

Pearson Memorial Center Set-Up                                     Public $375                           Non-Profit: $210

Pearson Memorial Center 2-Day Reception                     Public $800                           Non-Profit: $600

Bar Set-up                                                                            Flat $250


Pearson Meeting Room (Weekday)                                   Public $130                           Non-Profit: $75

Pearson Meeting Room (Weekend/Evening)                   Public $130                           Non-Profit: $100

Boyer Hall

Boyer Hall is a 60 x 80 foot metal building that includes a kitchen with everything but a stove, bathrooms with showers, air conditioning, and a large garage door. 

Boyer Hall                                                                            Public $130                           Non-Profit: $100

Social Room

Social Room has a capacity to hold between 75 - 100 people, that includes a kitchen, bathrooms, air conditioning, and bar area. 

Social Room                                                                      Public $130                           Non-Profit: $100

Volunteer Hall

The newest building on the fairgrounds is Volunteer Hall,. This is also an open-air type building that has a bar area with water, coolers, picnic tables, and a stage with electricity. There is also a new bathroom and shower facility nearby and has the capacity to hold up to 500 people.

Volunteer Hall                                                                Public $130                           Non-Profit: $100

Horse Arena

The Arena is 200 x 250 and has bleachers, access to restrooms and parking for truck and trailers.

Horse Arena (per Event)                                                  Public $325                           Non-Profit: $325

Stock Car Track

The dirt track and grandstand can be used for a wide range of events or shows. The grandstands can seat up to six thousand people with the center grandstand having an over-head shelter with access to bathrooms and bar.

Stock Car Track (per Event)                                                  Public $1,050                           Non-Profit: $1,050

Grounds Event

We also have a lot of open grassy areas that can be used for a variety of things. Some events include circuses, car shows, relay for life, the fair, and so much more! If you need the space, we definitely have it, and we won’t run out of parking.


Grounds (per Day)                                                  Public $650                           Non-Profit: $650


Camping at the Jackson County Fairgrounds includes electricity with access to our dump station, restrooms and showers.  During the Fair camping is based on last years reservations with those having first rights to renew.


Camping                                                                                                   $15 per Night

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Additional costs and prices:

Tables and chairs are rented out for $5/table $.50/chair.


Conventions and Flea Markets receive 123 tables included with rental price, anything extra is $5 table, no charge for chairs.


Utilities may be added to your bill ($50) depending on what the meter reads before and after your event.


All indoor facilities are non-smoking and handicap accessible.

Parking is free.

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