F A I R   H O U R S

B E F O R E   T H E   F A I R :

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday       8 AM-5PM

D U R I N G   T H E   F A I R :

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday       8 AM-close (approx. 10PM)

P E A R S O N   C E N T E R:

Exhibit Hours:  

Tuesday                     7 PM- 9 PM

Wednesday- Saturday     11 AM-9 PM

Sunday                           11 AM-7 PM

G A T E   H O U R S :

There will be people at the Gates 8AM-close. 

See our schedule for more information about when rides and activities start.

B E E R   T E N T   A T  V O L U N T E E R   H A L L :

Bar usually opens after 5pm. This may change depending on the schedule.

4 H    F O O D   S T A N D :

The 4H Food Stand is located inside Boyer Hall. Usually open for lunch and dinner.

All money supports the local 4H chapters.

F O O D   V E N D O R S :

Hours are determined by the vendor. In most cases, they are on the grounds all week. Usually open for lunch and dinner. 

One or two vendors serve a late breakfast, but most do not start until afternoon depending on the fair schedule.

All information provided by the Jackson County Fair Association in Maquoketa, Iowa. All events, time and locations are subject to change.

© 2020 by Jackson County Fair Association. 

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