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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Fun Card?

Fun Cards are ticket cards with a discounted admission price for each day of the fair. They are the best option for anyone looking to save money and spend multiple days at the fair. These are only available for purchase prior to the fair at local area banks or in the fair office. For more information, visit our tickets page.


Is everything free at the Jackson County Fair? 

Once you pay the gate admission into the fairgrounds, you can enjoy a full day of family fun. However, some of the events and activities cost money or require an extra cost: 

Carnival Rides and Games

Food and Souvenirs from Vendors

Beer Tent/Volunteer Hall Drinks- Must purchase tickets

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night Entertainment - Advance Tickets available for purchase on


How much are the carnival rides? Do they have wristbands? 

The price of the ride tickets is determined by the carnival. They usually have wristband specials on Thursday and Sunday, the price of the wristband is also determined by the carnival and is usually around $20-$25 each.


What if I become separated from my friends or family? 

Please go to fair office window located inside the Pearson Center. Ask the person at the window to page someone’s name over the loudspeaker. 


Where is the handicap parking?

West Gate (available closer to the gate in the first few rows)

East Gate (sectioned off area towards the front of the lot - fills up fast)


Can I bring a cooler/ice chest into the Fair?

No coolers allowed, lunch packs are allowed if needed. No coolers allowed in the Grandstand. No glass, aluminum cans or outside alcohol are allowed. You are allowed to bring outside food and drinks onto the fairgrounds. 

If perishables or medication need to stay cool, small soft sided coolers are permissible.


Where are the restrooms located?

There are restrooms located in multiples spots during the fair week. 

Pearson Center or main building has two sets of restrooms available during building hours. 

White Building near the grandstand is specifically a restroom facility.

New Bathrooms located behind Volunteer Hall. 

Indoor Bathrooms also located inside the Boyer Hall near the 4H food stand.

There are also multiple Port-a-Potties scattered throughout the grounds.


Where do I go if I lost my child?

If you lost your child, please listen over the loudspeaker for any announcements. If you can’t find them, check the fair office, the employees can announce their name over the loudspeaker. If you still can’t find them, we can contact the police officers located on the grounds.


Where can I find the First Aid station?

For small accidents, visit the fair office window. (bandaids, Neosporin, etc.)

First aid station located at the Hospital Booth located inside the pearson center during building hours.

For emergencies, call 911.


Where are the smoking areas?

In accordance with the Smokefree Air Act, portions of the Fairgrounds are smoke-free. While smoking is allowed in the walkway areas of the Fairgrounds, the law applies to sections designated by no-smoking signs. In those areas, smoking of any kind is prohibited (including use of e-cigarettes). Smoke-free areas of the Fairgrounds include:

  • Outdoor entertainment venues - stage areas, and grounds attraction areas.

  • Dining areas and bars - both enclosed and open serving areas, eateries and concession stands.

  • Grandstand area or inside buildings - this remains the same as past years.


Which buildings are air conditioned?

If you need a break from the summer heat, visit the vendor booths or exhibits in Pearson Center, the 4H food stand in Boyer Hall or the Historical Society Museum for a quick air condition break.


Where are nursing mothers allowed to breastfeed or change diapers?

There is a dedicated nursing station located in the Pearson Center big room, a marked off corner is available for your convenience. Diaper changing stations are located inside the main bathrooms, both men and women.


Where are the baby animals?

You can find baby animals in the 4H barns as well as the Miller’s Petting Zoo. 

Will my bag be searched?

At All Entry Gates: The Jackson County Iowa Fair reserves the right to search all bags, backpacks, coolers, purses, containers etc. upon entry to the Fairgrounds and upon request while on the Fairgrounds. Refusal to comply will result in denied entry.  At the Grandstand: Only clear bags are allowed in the Grandstands, and Party Pit area.  Refusal to comply will result in denied entry.

Are concealed weapons allowed on the Fairgrounds?

Guns are prohibited on the Jackson County Iowa Fairgrounds; with or without a valid Iowa permit to carry unless authorized by the Fair Board as per Iowa Code. Failure to comply with this rule shall be cause for expulsion from the fairgrounds and/or being charged under Iowa Code.

Are animals allowed on the Grounds?

The only animals allowed on grounds and in buildings are those that align with the ADA's service animal classification for animals specifically trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are therefore not allowed on grounds or in buildings.  During non-Fair time, pets are welcome on the Fairgrounds. During pet-specific events, there may be a waiver to this policy allowing pets in the show building.

Where are ATMs located?

Two (2) ATMs will be available on the grounds, including one just inside the Pearson Center Lobby and One in Volunteer Hall near the Drink tickets booth.


Where are lost items claimed?

Lost and found is located at The Fair Board Office located inside the Pearson Center.


Iowa State Fair Scooter Policy

Three to four wheeled, manual or electrically driven (at a walking pace) scooters are permitted to be used in all areas open to pedestrian use. These devices shall be single rider only devices that cannot exceed 36" wide x 52" long.


Are there camping sites available during Fair time?

Fair Camping is always in high demand. Call our office at (563)-652-4282 to have your name added to the waiting list. 4H families get your name on the list as early as possible if you plan on camping with us.

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