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Sunday, July 28, 2024

This contest will take place in a homemade mud pit in front of the Grandstand, and is open to the public to watch or participate. Everyone who enters the mud pit to try and grab the pig place it in a barrel tail first in a maximum of three minutes.


Anyone can participate in his or her certain age group. The kids groups are co-ed ages 4-6 years old, co-ed 7-12 years old, and co-ed 13-17 years old. The winning kids will receive prizes. If they are under 18 years old they must have their parents sign a waiver form.


For the adults, there may be three people ages 18 and older and at least one female on each team. All team members are required to sign a waiver. First place winner will receive $75 and second place will receive $25.


To enter the contest, you may sign up before or during the fair in the fair office. There is no cost to register and it is limited to the first 10 teams. The contest will take place on Sunday, at 4 PM in front of the Grandstand.

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