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Welcome to the most exciting show you have ever seen! The steamers thrill show is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to push you to the limit. In this show, you will see talented performers in action, including the wheel of danger, hula hoops, balancing chairs, rolla bolla, aerial act, and our adorable performing dogs. Each act is more thrilling than the last, and we guarantee that you will be on the edge of your seat at all times. Don't miss a single minute of this adrenaline-filled adventure

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•    Hula hoop: witness the impressive skills of our artists as they spin and move hula hoops in mesmerizing ways.

•    Balancing chairs: be amazed by the display of balance, strength, and concentration as artists showcase their ability to balance chairs in various positions and heights.

•    Aerial moon: experience high-level acrobatics as our artist performs suspended in the air on a metal moon, showcasing strength and skill.

•    Performing dogs: prepare to be entertained by talented canines as they showcase tricks and acrobatics, bringing laughter and inspiration.

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